BROTHER & SISTER by Terri Windling

Sabino Canyon by moonlight: 

On the banks of Sabino Creek, the sycamores are as white as ghosts. The young woman in this picture carries her brother in rabbit form – relating the image to folk tales told around the world (such as the German tale “Brother and Sister”) in which a young man crosses a stream three times, despite his sister’s warnings that this is breaking a taboo, and is turned into animal form. It takes women’s wisdom, sacrifice, and strength to win him back.

"Folklore is the perfect second skin. From under its hide, we can see all the shimmering, shadowy uncertainties of the world." - Jane Yolen

The Myth Series: signed print

size: 11 x 17 inches

paper size: 11 x 17 inches thick matte paper
image size: 12.25 x 8.75

Brother & Sister
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