InnerScapes - Internal & Imagined Landscapes


These small 6x12 paintings evolved from a desire to depict the sense of "as above, so below." They are an exploration of these places - landscapes - and emotions which inhabit us all, and which we, in turn, inhabit. They are the borderlands we all reside in. The colors and geometries are intentionally chosen.

A bit about the technique

Oil paints are used in many layers, painstakingly creating smooth, ethereal work with minimal visible brush strokes. Emotion of the artist while painting, is inevitably communicated through brushstrokes and it is my wish that the "internal landscape" the viewer experiences be personal and unique.

The frames are hand-crafted by the artist for each piece. They are carefully measured, cut, sanded and joined. The inside is painted to further set off the floating in space of the piece, and the outside is rubbed by hand with 3 layers of Renaissance Conservation Wax to protect the wood and bring out its natural beauty.