Terri Windling is the author of "The Wood Wife." If you haven't read it, go, do so now. She is also a gifted artist, as you can see from her work.

On a personal note, Terri and the group of wonderful interstitial artists that she is a huge part of helped to keep me focused, driven and sane long before I actually knew any of them. This, for me, is an opportunity to support her in return . All the proceeds from these sales go directly to Terri. If you ask me nicely, and maybe buy me a glass of wine, I will tell you the whole story.

To encapsulate Terri Windling briefly? Impossible. But she "finds magic in the everyday world." Some might even say she creates it.


From Terri Windling's website:


Like many children, I was raised on myths, fairy tales, and fantasy: stories of wolves lurking in the woods, boys who pull swords out of stones, girls who travel on the backs of bears or swans or the fierce North Wind. I never out-grew these "children's" stories; rather, I seemed to grow into them, discovering their hidden depths as I grew older -- for just as nightly dreams reflect the realities of our waking life, the symbols to be found in folklore and myth (the collective dreams of entire cultures) provide useful metaphors for the journeys, struggles and transformations we experience throughout our lives.

The person that I am and the art that I make was formed by these magical, ancient tales...and also by the landscapes that I know and love the best: Dartmoor in Devon, England (where I live) and the Arizona desert (where I used to live). Through them I have come to understand how the land itself shapes mythic imagery -- and how, as mythic artists, we can let the land speak through us with its own voice.

Why are so many of us enspelled by myths and folk stories in this modern age? Why do we continue to tell the same old tales, over and over again? I think it's because these stories are not just fantasy. They're about real life. We've all encountered wicked wolves, found fairy godmothers, and faced trial by fire. We've all set off into unknown woods at one point in life or another. We've all had to learn to tell friend from foe and to be kind to crones by the side of the road. . . .

Our lives are our mythic journeys, and our happy endings are still to be won.

You can learn more about Terri by visiting her site at www.terriwindling.com.

Terri is an artist, author, and book editor specializing in fantasy and mythic arts. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums in the US and Europe, and she has published over thirty books for children, teenagers, and adults.